Should we watch Carnival Row with Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom?


Amazon Prime Video unveils the first season of Carnival Row on August 30 , starring Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom . A fantastic series, a decor inspired by the Victorian era, mythological creatures, an investigation… All the ingredients for an effective series. Verdict?

Extrait de Carnival row avec Orando bloom et Clara Delevigne

An improbable pitch

The plot takes place in Burgue , an imaginary city largely inspired by 18th century London.

After colonizing the lands of fairies and other creatures, humans find it difficult to accept cohabitation. Creatures do not have the right to live in complete freedom in this increasingly intolerant society.

From the outset, the series plunges into the heart of a police investigation led by Rycroft Philostrate ( Orlando Bloom ). But his forbidden love affair with Vignette Stonemoss ( Cara Delevingne ), a fairy refugee, risks compromising him in his search for the serial killer, an evil Jack the Ripper who sows trouble in Burgue .

The decor is described by Orlando Bloom as “ a melting pot of the best and the worst of humanity ”. But we do not tell you more to keep the suspense.

Amazing actor games

Despite their place at the head of the bill, the duo Cara Delevingne / Orlando Bloom (newly engaged to Katy Perry) is far surpassed by the playing of David Gyasi ( Interstellar ) and Tamzin Merchant ( Pride and prejudice ).

David Gyasi , one of the rare mythological creatures who managed to get by financially, becomes the neighbor of a young bourgeois, Tamzin Merchant . We give it to you in a thousand, it will be difficult to accept it. With their brilliant incarnation, this actor couple raises the level of play in the series.


It's impossible not to make the comparison with Game of Thrones in the field of SF. We are a long way from the completed scenario and the complex characters of the phenomenon series which has made millions of spectators addicted. Carnival Row will not fill the gap, but provides good entertainment. That's good, the actors are back for a season 2.

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