The star series of December to watch during the holidays

Series Vacances

A season that is displayed in high color on our screens with a cuvée of new series, original creations and final seasons. Between the new mood 80's comedy 3615 Monique , animal documentaries narrated by Tom Hiddleston , the return of an award-winning series with Ben Whishaw , Jalil Lespert's docu on the DSK affair,: here is the program agenda at binge- watcher during the Christmas holidays.

3615 Monique

If you liked… Life is a long calm river , La Boum and Les Sous-Doués , witnesses of a post-Giscardian 80's youth bottle-fed with Cacolac .

The pitch. Mitterrand has just been elected. At the same time, France is experiencing the promising beginnings of Minitel , then considered to be the real machine of the future. In the sad city of Jouy (you can't invent it), three students seize on this brilliant technology to create 3615 Monique , an erotic messaging service for local fellows. The friends go so far as to seek the advice of a prostitute ( Vanessa Guide ) and hack neighbors' phone lines to turn their business into a profitable small business.

Why are you going to love it? Noémie Schmidt ( Versailles , The student and Monsieur Henri ) truly has a magnetic presence. In the role of a mother's daughter whose food has been cut, she radiates and makes her two partners shine with a very Peril Jeune vibe, between the brilliant service geek ( Arthur Mazet ) and the sympathetic thug obsessed with girls ( Paul Scarfoglio ). Delectable!

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The pitch. Inspired by the literary saga of Julia Quinn , this series finds itself at the heart of the siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family in their search for a soul mate in London, during the Regency. Daphne Bridgerton (aka Phoebe Dynevor ), eldest daughter of this powerful and noble dynasty, must find a husband. Daphne seems at the start to have all the chances on her side ... Until the mysterious Lady Whistledown , spread rumors and slanders about Daphne in her gazette that all the British high society reads under wraps. This is when the Duke of Hastings ( Regé-Jean Page ), London's most coveted bachelor, enters the game.

Why are you going to love it? This new soap from showrunner Chris Van Dusen (to whom we owe Scandal and Grey's Anatomy ) concentrates all the ingredients of Christmas kif: gossip of the high Gossip Girls way, intrigues in costumes worthy of Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey , all told off by the French voice of Julie Andrews aka Mary Poppins . In short: we are already waiting for season 2.

Available December 25 on Netflix

Room 2806: The DSK Affair on Netflix

If you liked… Jeffrey Epstein: Power, Money and Perversion , the Netflix docu-series that gave voice to the victims of the businessman and sex offender.

The pitch. May 14, 2011. Nafissatou Diallo , a Guinean immigrant who came to live the American Dream in New York, files a complaint with the police for sexual assault. The “ czar of international financeDominique Strauss-Kahn , head of the IMF and considered the next president of the French republic, is accused of having forced the maid to give him a blowjob without the privacy of his presidential suite 2806. The start of a long investigation and a trial which the media around the world will quickly capture.

Why are you going to love it? We know (almost) everything about the DSK affair. Jalil Lespert ( Yves Saint Laurent , Iris ) clearly struggles to give us unpublished information. Those passionate about this kind of sordid business will nevertheless be interested in the testimonies of the police officers and the victims of the economist, from Nafissatou Diallo herself to Tristane Banon , including one of the escorts heard in the Carlton affair , the famous “ debauchery trial ”. What to wait until the real event that will be his biopic announced on his Twitter account for the fall of 2021.

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Criminal Justice season 1

If you liked… The Night Of , the American miniseries with John Turturro which is an adaptation of Criminal Justice .

The pitch. Everything accuses the whipper Ben Coulter of the murder of a young woman he met the day before. If his presence at the crime scene is proven and the weapon found in his coat, he remembers nothing and claims his innocence. He soon finds himself in prison, tied up by the cogs of British justice . Guilty or not guilty? His lawyer looser tries to make him understand that this is not the question. And given the fate reserved for him by his co-detainees, he would do better to be exonerated to get out as soon as possible ...

Why are you going to love it? It is not strictly speaking a novelty, but Arte has decided to offer on demand the first season of the critically acclaimed series in 2008. Ben Whishaw (the new James Bond Q and brilliant serial killer in Le Parfum ) even won an Emmy for his incarnation on the line of this skinny young man overwhelmed by the legal system of his country. 5 one-hour episodes for a parade of brilliant actors.

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