Shocking, the exhibition of an arty delinquant!

Shocking L Expo D Un Delinquant Arty

Zevs (pronounced Zeus), is akin to the Robin Hood of contemporary art. Since 15 years, this street-artist, known for having hijacked the sacro-saint logos of deluxe labels (Chanel, Louis Vuitton…), vandalizes bus stops and escalades scaffoldings to tag ad billboards. Behind these illegal gestures of rebellion, he interrogates our consumer society.

Scene of the  crime? La vitrine, a hybrid exhibition space dedicated to art and brands near Palais-Royal, that presents the arty infractions of this controversial character. On display, unusual pieces, a retrospective dedicated to his main works through polaroids and even a performance to be discovered as a sound recording.

For a little background history, the Frenchy tagger was incarcerated in China in 2009 after having tagged the iconic drooling double C on the window of an Armani boutique.

Zevs à La vitrine am, first space of exhibition dedicated to art and brands, from 30 April to 24 June, Monday to Friday from 2pm to 7pm.

Liquidated Logo Coca-Cola, banlieue parisienne, Paris 2006 ®ZEVS

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Where to find it?

La vitrine am

24, rue de Richelieu

75001 Paris

Palais-royal (musee Du Louvre) Palais-royal (musee Du Louvre)

Pyramides Pyramides

Pyramides Pyramides

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