Sources, the new temple of green beauty

Beaute Green concept store in the Marais in Paris

The trend is aiming more than ever towards slow cosmetics and turning its back on chemical and toxic ingredients that insidiously sneaked in the composition of our darling products. A real bull’s eye in the green and organic movement, Sources, the new concept store of green beauty in the Marais, is right on target!

Only the very best

Behind a pretty burgundy window display, like an old Parisian bistro nestled in the 4th, more than 3000 references, judged clean, cohabit in a large space, decorated with taste: stones and super graphic overtones.

more than 3000 beauty products references, judged clean

The idea? The place has selected only products whose composition is guaranteed safe and healthy. In total, more than 75 controversial ingredients were banned from the shelves. In short, no toxic product on the horizon!

Halfway between the local pharmacy and the supermarket, one finds: made in France, Lamazuna solid shampoos, organic Les Poulettes masks, treatments for men, hair accessories, makeup, nutritional supplements…

A 2.0 beauty institute

To go even further in the concept and the green experience: a nail bar, a barber signed La Barbe de Papa, a hairdressing space and beauty cabins are available throughout the store.

a nail bar, a barber signed La Barbe de Papa, a hairdressing space and beauty cabins are available throughout the store

It is thus possible to enjoy a detox modelling or a facial (starting at €30), an express waxing (starting at €10) and coming out with a stylish beard (€30) while your man has his beard pampered (starting at €20). A real luxury with or without rdv...

Labels certified clean

To find your way in this beauty cavern of Ali Baba, trust the label Amour Fou, that lists the heart throb brands of the shop with their composition, the story of their arty packaging, remarkable by their small red tag.

But the must is products labelled les Les Yeux Fermés, without any silicone, irritating agent, paraben, allergen or even essential oils for futures mommies, in collab’ with the famous Clean Beauty appl. How to recognized them? They come with a blue tag.

To be shopped without any doubts!

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