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Piaget store lounge

We have good news for overbooked working-girls who dream of a deluxe parenthesis, slow-life and healthy ops between two calls, a meeting and a business cocktail: we have a very chic secret for you!

A real small corner of paradise hides just a few meters from the urban jungle of Opéra. Enter the 7 rue de la Paix, a haven showcasing divine Piaget jewellery and climb up to the first floor. You are at the heart of the Lounge Possession.

It’s in this wonderfully contemporary small living room that the cult house concocted for its favourite Parisiennes a deluxe stop-over where Olivia Palermo herself has her little habits.

Way to go: show up when you want to be pampered solo, or with the gals.

Start by sipping a gem drink signed Piaget & Juice It to relax and enjoy a chic detox along with a few light eats, before passing between the hands of a professional naturopath.

During the conversation, this health pro will share with you his high virtues and “miracle” tips to adopt healthy reflexes on a daily basis and recoup your body mistreated by pollution and the stress of an active woman’s life...

We adore : slipping on a 3D mask of energetic  luminance for a wild and  furiously “RADIANT” experience. A really exciting 2.0 dream moment: you will love it !

Cherry on the baba: slip into the stilettos of a modern princess by trying on all the desirable jewellery of the Possession line. Wear the fetish bracelet of Olivia Palermo or turn on your finger the Possession ring that all the it-girls dream of. A little bit of ecstasy in a world of brutes !

Lounge Possession from the 9th of May to the 13th of June, at 7 rue de la Paix, Paris.

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Where to find it?

Piaget 2eme

7 rue de la Paix

75002 Paris

01 58 62 37 00

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