The frozen lemon tart of It Mylk

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When the delicious house of made in France frozen yogurt gives us a bluffing dessert recipe, we are thrilled! Now we just need to buy their divine ice cream that can be found in many shops and customize this little treat.

For 6 frozen yogurts

Preparation 45 minutes

Cooking 1 h 45


2 piping bags, 1 pastry bag fitted with a fluted tip and 1 small smooth pastry bag


Place a piping bag and the pastry bag fitted with a fluted tip in the icebox for a few minutes in order to cool them down.

Step 1. The lemon curd

Boil the lemon juice to a simmer in the pan, then cut off the flame.

Whip the eggs with corn starch and syrup of agave

in a salad bowl until the preparation is smooth. Allow to thicken in a pan on average flame, stirring with a wooden spoon. Let cool down.

Step 2. Les meringues

Whip the egg whites into peaks with 75 g of sugar. Add the rest of the sugar and mix delicately. Cover up the oven plaque with greaseproof paper. With a table spoon, place on top small mounds made with the meringue instrument, sufficiently spaced so they don’t stick together. Cook for

20 minutes at 120 °C, then 1 hour at 100 °C. Once the meringues have cooled down, shred them.

Step 3. The crumble

Mix with your fingertips the butter and the sugar. Add the flour, the almond powder and mix until you obtain a shortcrust pastry dough. Let cool down for 10 minutes, then spread the dough crumbs on a piece of greaseproof paper and bake at  200 °C for 15 minutes.

Step 4. The mounting

If the frozen yogurt is in the icebox, take it out 10 minutes before. Fill up the cold piping bag. Present like a sundae and sprinkle with shredded meringue and crumble. With the other piping bag, drop marbles of lemon curd on the frozen yogurts. Serve immediately.

The small tip? The lazy minute of Marcel

Replace the house meringues with 6 tablespoons of  ready-made minimeringues


Also discover the recipe for trifle with over-ripe fruit and the lemon meringue pie.

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800 g of plain frozen yogurt * ( It Mylk ice cream can be found at Monop’ and several Parisian boutiques )

For the lemon curd

180 g of lemon juice

10 g de corn starch

3 eggs

200 g of agave syrup

For the meringues

2 egg whites

150 g of sugar

For the crumble

40 g of soft butter

at room temperature

40 g of semolina sugar

40 g of wheat flour

40 g of almond powder

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