The real Belgian waffle at Comptoir belge

Le comptoir belge waffles

Irresistible sweet scents float on the rue des Martyrs since the arrival of this « fabulous » waffle bar.

To be quite clear, we’d like to state that here they serve the Liège specialty of the Flat Country. The one with a batter that is slightly caramelized thanks to its sugary pearls, as opposed to its counterpart in Brussels. And if that were not enough, add a wide array of fab toppings: salty butter caramel, Chantilly, Belgian chocolate… Along with two recipes that are close to be being calorically incorrect: the French “complète” (caramel, chantilly, caramel chips) and the Belgian “complète” (stuffed with chocolate sticks, chocolate, topped with chantilly and sprinkled with speculoos), wow it’s really good !

The plus: the grocery store corner with Dandoy speculoos, organic Ginette beer and the amazing spread by Belgian chocolatier Frédéric Blondil.

Count between 4 and 5€ for a waffle.

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Where to find it?

Le Comptoir belge

58, rue des Martyrs

75009 Paris

09 84 21 96 88


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