West Side Story: A Musical Masterpiece at Châtelet Theatre


Toniiiight, toniiiight... If you already have the tunes in your head just by hearing the words West Side Story, then its magnificent adaptation at Théâtre du Châtelet is bound to bring you joy. From October 20th to December 31st, the most passionate Broadway troupe, on a worldwide tour, brings their English-subtitled performance to Paris, delivering a remarkable display of talent and American energy. The result is simply astonishing.


Previously in the neighborhoods of New York...

Shall we give you a quick rundown of this Romeo and Juliet with an American twist? In the 50s, the Jets (a gang of young immigrants of Polish descent) had been reigning over the Upper West Side for years until the Sharks, newly arrived Puerto Ricans, came to claim their share of the pie. A showdown between Bernardo and Riff, the two clan leaders, is scheduled for the night of the dance. But between two frenetic choreographies, Tony and Maria meet: love at first sight. He's a reformed Jet, she's Bernardo's little sister promised to his friend Chino. Naturally, rivalries and violence conspire to bring the two lovebirds back down to earth...


An absolute showstopper

The Broadway troupe of West Side Story

From Leonard Bernstein's iconic music performed by a vibrant orchestra to Jerome Robbins' choreography reimagined by Julio Monge, the stunning set designs, precision direction, and above all, the exuberance of an electrifying ensemble, all the ingredients of a masterpiece come together to make you feel like you're on Broadway right in Paris. A boundless energy radiates from the stage relentlessly, inhabiting every moment of the performance.

When it comes to the cast, the cream of the new generation delivers an impeccable performance. Jadon Webster, extraordinary in the leading role, effortlessly glides through the notes, giving you chills from the first notes of "Something's Coming." Melanie Sierra portrays a Maria who is more mischievous than naive (a standout moment on "I Feel Pretty"), while the streetwise dancers of the Jets and the Sharks manage to convey a constant and unfortunately still relevant tension. You'll come out moved, of course, with the feeling of having witnessed a spectacular bombshell and the desire to rewatch Steven Spielberg's brilliant version that very same night.

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