Theater: 5 star actresses to see on the stage in January


Wow! Isabelle Huppert, Valérie Lemercier, Laetitia Casta, Nicole Garcia and Noémie Lvovsky: the greatest actresses of French cinema abandon the shoots and come to squat the boards of the most beautiful theaters.

Laetitia Casta at the Rond Point

Nebbou found Laetitia Casta after having led in the adaptation Scenes from a Marriage Bergman alongside Raphaël Personnaz. The actress, who told the filmmaker and director of her desire to find the boards, solo this time, shares the stage with the Turkish-Belgian pianist Isil Bengi to tell and embody the poignant life of a legend of the piano, Clara Haskil (1895-1960).

To resurrect this humble and talented woman, who went through illness, mourning, war and isolation, the author Serge Kirbus imagined a romance monologue that takes us in the footsteps of little Clara , in Romania , a already virtuous child. She went to study piano in Vienna and Paris, then joined Switzerland, which acclaimed her genius even though she was internationally recognized trop far too late, and after much disappointment. Pour son premier seul-en-scene, Laetitia Casta promet the Comets of Precedence tourmentée, a fleur de peau between prelude and fugue.

Clara Haskil, prelude and fugue at the Théâtre du Rond-Point, Paris 8th

January 5 to 23

Valérie Lemercier at the Antoine Theater

At the theater tonight, two sisters tear each other apart under the astonished gaze of their childhood friend. You perhaps know “ the song ” of the enemy sisters who end up mending themselves? In any case, not the one imagined and directed by Brigitte Buc , co-scriptwriter of the film Aline , who naturally rounds up her friend Valérie Lemercier . But not only !

Isabelle Gélinas , a.ka. Valérie Bouley in Do not do this, do not do that , gives her the answer in the crimping bun of the Sœurs Bienaimé . Between the two furies, Patrick Catalifo manages the situation as best he can. Eight years after Un temps de chien , Valérie Lemercier is returning to the theater, so we're not going to shy away from the stage reunion of the queen of comedy.

The Beloved Sisters at the Antoine Theater, Paris 10th

From January 22, 2022

Noémie Lvovsky at the Porte Saint-Martin

Please note, to start the year, it is a daring bet to take up this tragicomedy as deadly as it is grating by Austrian Thomas Bernhard, directed by Alain Françon in great shape. The story ? As every year, a former Nazi officer, impeccable André Marcon , who has become a respectable early retirement judge, secretly celebrates Himmler's birthday with his two sisters, Vera and Clara. The first, embodied by the immense Catherine Hiegel , maintains an incestuous relationship with her brother and reinforces his nostalgia for Nazism. The second, surprising Noémie Lvovsky , paralyzed, is walled in a reproving silence in the face of this perverse masquerade.

The trio led by the line excels in this game of massacre where ignominy and jubilation compete for the leading role, and suggests all the rage and disgust of the Austrian playwright Thomas Bernhard for the hints of National Socialism still far too present in his country. When it was premiered in 1979, the play caused a scandal. Faced with two sacred theater monsters, the baptism of the boards of the heroine of Camille Redouble or La Bonne Épouse is a total success.

Before retirement at Porte Saint-Martin, Paris 10th

From January 12 to April 2, 2022

Isabelle Huppert at the Odeon

The last and most performed play by Anton Tchekhov , La Cerisaie (1904) describes the end of a world. That of the aristocracy for the benefit of a class of entrepreneurs. Lioubov, exiled in Paris, returns to Russia to find her family and the family property which must be sold to pay off the debts. Entangled in their memories and their ranks, none of them understood the urgency of the situation despite the warnings of the merchant Lopakhine ...

The staging of Tiago Rodrigues imposes an innovative look on this masterpiece created in the Cour d'honneur of the Palais des Papes last July. With Isabelle Huppert , a masterly frivolous and fallen aristocrat facing the social revenge of a former servant (fabulous Adama Diop ), the future director of the Avignon Festival brings together the Russian soul, the melancholy of fado and modernity. We dance, we sing, we cry but we move forward ... The future is always uncertain.

La Cerisaie at the Odéon –Théâtre de l'Europe, place de l'Odéon, Paris 6e

From January 7 to February 20

Nicole Garcia at Espace Pierre Cardin

Royan, the French teacher is a play specially written by Marie N'Diaye for Nicole Garcia . It was her son, the director Frédéric Bélier-Garcia, who brought together the universe of the author of Goncourt Three powerful women and that of the director of Amants . If the writing is different, secrecy and intimate cracks drape their characters.

Plunged into the half-light of a seventies building lobby decor, Nicole takes hold of the doubts, the memories, the unspoken things that eat away at Gabrielle. She is this French teacher returning home one evening who remains petrified with fear in her stairwell, convinced that the parents of one of her students, Daniella, who defeated herself in her college, came to ask her for help. accounts. She denies outright, then reconsiders these certainties while explaining the ravages of school bullying or the difficulty of teaching. A monologue just as intense as the game of Nicole Garcia devouring the words of Marie N'Diaye , who touches with this introspective text our cowardice and the consequences of our decisions.

Royan, the French teacher at the Pierre Cardin space, 1 avenue Gabriel, Paris 8e

January 17 to February 3


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