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Une Fille Facile

It smells of hot sand, monoi and salt sticking to the skin. The “ Heat filter is activated on Instagram. Welcome to An Easy Girl , Rebecca Zlotowski's summer tale ( Planetarium , Belle Épine ) featuring the now actress Zahia Dehar , finally dubbed her full name.

The one that was Franck Ribéry's birthday present is once again in the headlines. Normal, the bomb packs all the film critics since the presentation of the film at the Directors' Fortnight.

It is also in Cannes that she gives the reply to Mina Farid , Benoît Magimel and Nuno Lopes , under the sun exactly. And to identify what is at stake, an opening quote: “ The most important thing in all of life is the choice of a profession: chance disposes of it ” - Blaise Pascal.

“A film of drive, sun, sex and pleasure” for Rebecca Zlotowski

Naïma, 16, lives with her mother in Cannes and does not separate from her BFF. At this pivotal age, she seems for the moment to want to work in the kitchen or as an actress. One summer, his cousin Sofia arrives in his life. Older than Naïma, soft, graceful, curvy in her transparent dresses and adorned with designer accessories, she takes the initiation of her protege in hand.

The magnetic beauty of Sofia opens the doors to a yacht moored in the old port and inhabited for the holidays by two friends, who quickly take them under their wings. Naïma quickly understands that her cousin is in fact an authentic Michto , and gradually lets herself be seduced by her way of life.

Portraits of women

How not to melt for Sofia when she launches naively into a karaoke of Love at the beach and catches the gaze of the handsome Andrès? In An Easy Girl , the accomplice duo Rebecca Zlotowski / Zahia Dehar asks the question of the balance of power between men and women in terms of sex, money and culture. If the star of the casting radiates, she never steals the show from the young Mina Farid , whose pretty spontaneity sometimes swears with the honed framework of the ex-escort.

Apotheosis of the film, the character of Clotilde Courau , the sprightly fifty-something, receives the acolytes in her villa for a lunch of anthology. There, annoyed by Sofia's outrageous freshness, she tries to pin her on her general culture. No spoiler ! To know the outcome of this enjoyable scene, you will have to reserve your place ...

Zahia, new icon

As hypnotized, we discover with fascination this real creature made for love, whose princely posture and deliciously anachronistic diction immediately evoke Brigitte Bardot .

Moreover, if there is one thing that cannot be taken away from him, it is consistency in his speech. For years, and in particular during his interview classified cult Who is the bitch? for Antidote in 2017, she claims her freedom and a universal feminism that would not differentiate between women. Far from being a simple bimbo, Zahia therefore embodies a clever mix of retro glamor and devilishly modern positions. In short: a chic girl.

Nuno Lopes,  Benoît Magimel et Clautilde Courau dans une fille facile

An Easy Girl , in theaters August 29.

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