Viktor Vincent: the mentalist who will drive you crazy

Mentaliste Viktor Vincent

Think of something, anything. It can be an object, an animal, it doesn't matter ”, asks Viktor Vincent before bringing a random spectator on stage. What is the probability that this lady will think of a pear? Yet this is precisely what the mentalist drew after looking at it for just a few seconds. What that can be annoying!

With his three-piece costume, his bald head, his Hercule Poirot mustache and his deadpan humor, Viktor Vincent seems from another time. Although having as a backdrop the New York of the years 1920-1930 , his show Mental Circus at the Theater of the Eiffel Tower is nevertheless a size of modernity in the closed world of mentalism.

The magic of the brain

Underneath his mischievous looks, Viktor Vincent is a storyteller. His hobby? Confuse people. Mix the small stories into the big one, so that the assembly does not realize that it is being manipulated all over the place from the start. Quite an art!

Thanks to volunteers on stage, to an ultra-fine observation and a great knowledge of the language of the body , this magician of the spirit takes his prey where he wants it. Proof of his self-confidence, he even leaves it to his guinea pigs to choose decisive figures that will allow him (or not!) Not to cut his hand. A little advice: don't try to understand the “ tips ”, it's impossible.

Mental Circus , Friday 7 p.m., Saturday 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., Sunday 5 p.m. From € 15, reservations on .

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