Baja club sandwich

When our darling food truck shares with us its divine recipe for a club sandwich with a very Mexican touch, we are in a hurry to bite in ! Caramba is it good !

Preparation time, 30 min

Cooking time 3 h

1. Prepare the braised pork. Dice up the roast in large chunks and put them in a big pan. Add 30 cl of water, the stewed tomatoes, the lime and orange juices. Bring to a boil.

2. Chisel the coriander, then peel and chop up the garlic before adding them in the pan. Add the pimento, then cook on low flame for 3 h. The meat must detach itself on its own at the end of the cooking. For those who want more spicy meat, you can add powdered pimento from Cayenne.

3. Cut the bread in half lengthwise. Spread both sides with the chipotle pimento mayonnaise. Add a small portion of braised pork. Add to the slices the pancetta, gruyère slivers and a pickle cut into thin. Pour on a tablespoon of lemon juice. Close the sandwich.

4. If you have a toaster, it’s the must ! Toast your sandwich and serve it up with sweet potato fries.

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For 6 sandwiches

-      6 oval ciabatta type breads

-      Mayonnaise with chipotle pimento

-      12 slices of pancetta (2 per pers.)

-      18 gruyère chesse slivers (3 per pers.)

-      6 pickles

-      6 tablespoons of lime (1 per pers.)

-      Braised pork: 1 kg of deboned shoulder roast pork

-      1,5 kg of canned stewed tomatoes -

-      6 cl of lime juice

-      6 cl of orange juice

-      1 bouquet of coriander

-      8 garlic cloves

-      1 tablespoon of chipotle pimento (dried  Mexican pimento)

-      Salt, ground pepper

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