The Eye-catching Exhibition at the Bourse de Commerce

Collection Pinault

© Kimsooja / ADAGP, Paris, 2024. © Pinault Collection - © Sun Yuan & Peng Yu / ADAGP, Paris, 2024. - © Jeff Koons.

This is the talk of the town right now! The Bourse de Commerce has delved into the Pinault Collection to unveil the perspectives of sculptors, painters, performers, and photographers on the state of the world. The exhibition "Le Monde Comme Il Va" presents masterpieces of contemporary art alongside works by emerging artists created between the 1980s and today. We took a tour.


How's the world doing?

The Pinault Collection at the bourse du commerce

You can't miss this impressive artwork that has taken over the Bourse de Commerce on social media. For her carte blanche, South Korean artist Kimsooja covered the Rotunda floor with a massive mirror reflecting the dome and fresco of the Bourse. Visitors, wearing slippers, can walk on this monumental installation where the usual reference points are disrupted: the floor and the sky invert, making the distinction even more challenging, as desired by the artist. The stage is set!

But it would be a shame to stop at this highly Instagrammable installation: around a hundred artworks, created by 30 different artists, have taken over all spaces of the Bourse. Drawing inspiration from Voltaire, the exhibition "Le Monde Comme Il Va…" questions the state of the world and our societies. From a destroyed Ferrari to Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog, Cindy Sherman's photographs, Sturtevant's homage to Marcel Duchamp, and Goshka Macuga's life-size tapestries, it's the wide array of techniques represented that enriches the exhibition.

Between surprise and shock, visitors encounter the ultra-realistic sculptures of Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu: these dozing elderly figures, roaming the halls on automated wheelchairs, represent politicians, military personnel, or religious figures who have lost control. Further on, Liu Wei's sculptures depict the fragility and chaos of the world with cities on the brink of collapse, sculpted from compressed books. Not to mention Damien Hirst's medicine cabinet, denouncing the excessive power of the pharmaceutical industry. Unmissable!


Feeling hungry!

Exploring the floors of the Bourse de Commerce works up an appetite! Before or after the exhibition, the Do It Team recommends dining at L'Épi d'Or by Jean-François Piège (25 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Paris 1st), just a few meters from the Fondation Pinault, where the Parisian elite gather to enjoy an unforgettable croque-madame (€18) or steak tartare served with homemade fries and mayo (€26), paired with a glass of Beaujolais or Chablis (€13).

"Le Monde Comme Il Va" runs until September 2nd at the Bourse de Commerce. Open Tuesday to Monday from 11 am to 7 pm, with late opening on Fridays until 9 pm.

© Pinault Collection. © Cindy Sherman - © Liu Wei / ADAGP, Paris, 2024 - © Peter Doig / ADAGP, Paris, 2024

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