Self-confidence is like muscles, it works!

Livres Pour La Confiance En Soi

Start by bulging the chest and lifting the chin. For the rest, here are three coaching books to ponder to bring out the Beyoncé that lies dormant in you.

Build up your buttocks and morale with Laury Thilleman

Livre de Laury Thilleman, éditions First

With 30 days to be TOP , Laury Thilleman , more athletic than ever, adapts his now famous Au TOP method (acronym for Tonic Organic Positive) into Summer Goals mode. The promise ? A silhouette and a morale of steel for the summer.

His shock training, developed with his former military dad, includes a series of daily exercises of 30 minutes, one hour on weekends, to be easily followed at home without gear, photos of Laury to support. The physical program is accompanied by good practices and common sense rules to be adopted each week in the form of a challenge (getting into DIY, learning to delegate, sorting out your affairs). Something to lighten up in every sense of the word.

30 days to be at the TOP , by Laury Thilleman, First Editions, € 14.95

The intimate confessions of YouTuber Juliette Katz

Livre de Juliette Katz, éditions First

How to accept yourself when you do not fit the mold? In You're good baby , Juliette Katz , author of the Coucou les girls channel on Youtube (230,000 subscribers on the counter), opens up heartily to the inferiority complex from which she has finally succeeded in freeing herself.

From scenes of humiliation suffered at school when she was a teenager to insults on social networks , through her relationship to sexuality , the one that is still being called a “ big ” sharing without filter and with a lot of perspective of the episodes significant, often intimate, of his past. In a cash tone, the thirty-something recounts her journey towards self-acceptance . She succeeded, why not you?

You're good baby by Juliette Katz, First Editions, € 15.95

10 years of shrink for € 16.90 all inclusive

Livre d'Anne Wehr, éditions de la Martinière

Save money, skip the shrink! In Merci la vie, small revolutions of happiness , Anne Wehr summarizes in 240 pages, illustrated by herself, the main lessons learned from her 10 years of therapy. With a lot of humor and self-mockery, the author / illustrator / DA unveils the great precepts of personal development to be applied on a daily basis to make our existence lighter: learning to relativize, stop dramatizing, relativize, let go ... A little feel good guide to draw in case of slack.

Merci la vie , small revolutions of happiness by Anne Wehr, Editions de la Martinière, € 16.90


Also findthe method to be fit and in a good mood and the Sayya Space .

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