Food unicorn has it all good!

Croque Licorne

The Unicorn is in the spotlight and creating the buzz on the networks. Especially when it comes to Unicorn Food, the new phenomenon… In a delicious croque-monsieur, the effect is magical ! Instagramers will be using their smartphone in the kitchen.

Preparation : 10 minutes – Cooking : 5 minutes

Mix the cheese and divide into 4 bowls. Add the drops of colouring and mix to make it uniformized.

Butter the 8 slices of bread on both sides.

Divide the 4 colours of cheese on the bread in side to side strips. Add the slice of mortadelle then cover with a layer of coloured cheese, and close the slice of bread.

Cook the unicorns two by two in a toaster for 5 minutes at 180 °C, or in the oven for 5 minutes at 200 °C.


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For 4 croque-unicorns

8 slices of white bread

120 g of mortadelle cheese

150 g of grated mozzarella

100 g of grated gruyère

20 g of butter

Natural Vahiné colouring in 4 different hues.

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