Ceviche of cod with coconut milk


·        Preparation: 20 min

·        Resting time: 4h30

For 4 persons


·        Squeeze the green lemons and set the juice aside.

·        In a hollow recipient, mince the onions, garlic, as well as the red pimento, by taking care to removr the pits. Pour the lemon juice, then add the salt and pepper. Rinse and chisel half the coriander, before adding to the preparation.

·        Dice up the cod in 1-cm-size pieces and place them in the marinade. Mix well, in order to cover up the fish entirely and place transparent film over the preparation. Leave in a fresh place for 4 hours.

·        Drain the fish, then pour in a second recipient. Add the coconut milk, the olive oil and half the marinade. Peel the banana and cut in round shapes. Cut the pomegranate in half grenade and set the seeds aside. Add the fruit and mix well.

·        Sprinkle generously with chiseled coriander and place the lot in a fresh place during an additional 30 minutes.

Recipe credit: AIB-Delphine Constantini

More information on: www.banane.info


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-  2 bananas

-  800 g of fresh cod

-  6 green lemons

-  1 bunch of Spring onions

-  2 garlic cloves

-  1 small red pimento

-  1 bunch of fresh coriander

-  150 ml of coconut milk

-  3 tablespoons of olive oil

-  1 pomegranate

-  Salt

-  Ground pepper

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