From Dracula to Buffy, Vampires are invading the Cinémathèque of Paris

Your programme for the weekend? Sneaking into the backstage of the cult films of Halloween, from Dracula to Twilight, including Buffy, with the surprising exhibit of Vampires at the Cinémathèque in the 12th.

The vampire, a dark icon

Since October, vampires are invading the backstage of the Cinémathèque de Paris! Catch up session of the history lessons we would have like to have: the myth of the vampire was born in the 19th century with Dracula, the novel of Bram Stoker, and then captured the collective imaginary by invading cinema, painting, photography, literature… How was it possible to create a figure, so close to real life, that never ceases to intrigue and be scary? Spine-chilling!

The exhibition features several levels of the phenomenon: from the political Vampires of Louis Feuillade to the erotic Dracula of Coppola, without forgetting the pop culture versions between mangas, comics and video games. The plus? Video extracts to dive into the TV series and films of our childhood.

In total, we follow the historical course featuring the fictional character of the most famous of the planet under different angles, through a guided visit of 1h30.

Saturdays and Sundays starting at 5pm, €12.

Visits for kids

Because kids also have the prerogative of a personal visit and it’s placed under the sign of the tale! The principle? Discovering vampires stemming from the most cult art works with story teller Ariane Pawin. So lucky!

Special visits on Sundays the 17th of November, 1st of December and 12t hof January at  11am, starting at 9 years old. €6.50 reduced rate.

And for the most motivated, rush for a workshop-visit in order to slip into the skin of a vampire for a photo after the visit. Costumes are a must.

Workshop visits on Saturdays the 9th and 23rd of November, 7th of December and 11th of January from 3pm to 5:30pm, for 11-14 years old. €15 per child.


And since we are here, let’s go back and take a look at the cinema classics by infiltrating the auditoriums of theCinémathèque.

On the programme: dark Friday night films dark with La Crypte du vampire by Camillo Mastrocinque at 8pm and Le Massacre des vampires by Roberto Mauri at 10pm.

And let’s not forget the arty cinema revolving around vampires for younger ones with a session of the famous Dark Shadows by Tim Burton on Sunday the 3rd of November at 3pm. To be scared… but not too much. Yikes!


Information and reservations on

Also discover the new Murakami exhibition at Galerie Perrotin in the Marais.

Where to find it ?


51 Rue de Bercy

75012 Paris

01 71 19 32 00

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