How to infiltrate the coolest VR movie theater in Paris?


There is not only the FIAC in the life of contemporary art. Definitely, Emmanuel Perrotin never ceases to amaze Parisians with furiously cool and avant-garde experiences that should please fans of Star Wars and Tim Burton ...

The latest obsession for the bankable French gallery owner: VR . No sooner said than done. The Perrotin team joined forces with By Atlas , the benchmark studio for works and films in virtual reality (awarded many times at Sundance , Tribeca, etc.) to create the ephemeral cinema that all stylish geeks dreamed of.

The appointment is made in an undisclosed place, hidden under the ultra chic ballroom of the Marais gallery where crazy and ultimately cool films are offered in virtual reality . Shall we take you?

A very exclusive experience

How do you get the coveted ticket? No snobbery, no straight pass. You just have to book it online . It's as simple as that.

Like a VIP collector, you are expected at the entrance of the extraordinary private mansion of the gallery owner's offices (who knows, you might come across Sophie Calle or Takashi Murakami ...) to guide you to a private elevator, towards the coveted 2.0 cinema.

Here, no soft armchair, no dark room. You choose your film and its location before being equipped with a mask and hyper-sophisticated controllers to live in 3D in ” the film, look up behind, walk. You might as well say that the sensations are astounding.

On the bill: 5 hot films and a kids friendly series

With such a sexy and cutting-edge programming, the dilemma is difficult. Starting with Spheres , produced by Darren Aronofsky , who plunges the spectator into the heart of a black hole between planet and gravitational waves, rocked by the characters Jessica Chastain and Patti Smith in VO , or Léa Seydoux , Adèle Exarchopoulos and Jane Birkin for the French version.

Another award-winning author's blockbuster at Sundance and the Venice International Film Festival: Battlescar , which delves into a year in the diary of Lupe, a 16-year-old Puerto Rican American in the 70's in New York who discovers the Bowery punk scene and expose themselves to the secret worlds coexisting on the Lower East Side. With the voices of Rosario Dawson in VO and singer Jehnny Beth for the VF.

We like: the projection of the trilogy for children (p 7 years.) Gloomy Eyes (Annecy Film Festival Award 2019) narrated by Rahim in an extraordinarily poetic universe worthy of The Nightmare Before Christmas Mr Jack Tim Burton where Gloomy, young zombie, meets Nena, young mortal. While everything seems to oppose them, they fall in love. Will the most powerful man in town succeed in destroying the deep connection between the two children?

Online reservations , € 29 per session from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Perrotin VR - NARRATIVE EXPERIENCE BY ATLAS until November 27


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01 42 16 79 79

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