The amazing So Foot photo exhibition

So Foot Expo

Here is a venue that will thrill soccer buffs … And all those who don’t enjoy hitting the ball.

Divinely ironic, this outdoor photo exhibition signed Wipplay  x So Foot  (the  magazine of chic and educated soccer players) was obviously conceived in the framework of the 2016...

The concept? To illustrate flowery football lingo with amazing photos… that interpret the favourite expressions of Thierry Roland, Estelle Denis and Lizarazu :

How about: “interesting corner”, “off-field” or a  “flying goal” that take on particularly funny and unexpected slants. In other words, you will need a pro of the football vocabulary to decipher it.

We adore: a great exhibition to go see with your best buddy or your boyfriend.


Expo SO FOOT on the Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville.

©Stéphane Masset

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Where to find it?

Hôtel de Ville de Paris

5, rue de Lobau

75004 Paris

01 42 76 40 40

Hotel De Ville Hotel De Ville

Hotel De Ville Hotel De Ville

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