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Tips from a life coach to change our lives

Laurence Besancon is an authentic dreamer, who always has a thousand and one ideas running through her head, but finds it a little difficult to actually make things happen! After trying out various orientations, this super-mom decided to launch a great site, Wahou-Me.

The idea? Helping people make their dreams come true with the help of 60 amazing coaches with one single idea in mind: making sure everyone makes it to the finishing line of their projects !

An occasion to share with us super advice (and those of her coaches) for an anti-burnout new season.

a nice gift idea

Four leaf clover field

Better than a toy, better than a clothing item: grow your own four-leaf clover.

A small earth pot (or a small watering can, 2 to 3 cm high), some earth to moisturize, a clover bulb, a small tag to write a word, all prettily wrapped: irresistible! 14 days later, small clover leaves will sprout and delight the kiddies.

We also launched a contest to make this new season a season of projects ! The contest for the most beautiful love declaration has its project. Our video says it best:

What we like about this contest is that once your declaration is published on your wall, you will have no other choice than to make your project come true, and we offer 300€ of coaching to the winner !

the place I go to dream, relax and work !


Picture credit : Facebook l'Anti-Café Beaubourg

A café where you can be free to take your time without flirting with the waiter nor order yet another green tea (even if you really should drink 10 per day… ), a café with a good feeling of entrepreneurship, founded by young start-uppers.

Head for the Anti-Café, a place I adore: you can nibble on peanuts, drink as much as you want, chat leisurely, because you pay (not much) by the hour. Here you can have discussions, work on your first pitches, plan interviews—they have even become partners for our coaching sessions !

Let's find a new job !

Woman working in a café

Best to anticipate rather than be fired! For sure, the more you insist on change, the more you risk being ousted (because your motivation wanes and it shows !). So this year, don’t say it, do it!

We have lots of programs at waouh me!.

Here is some advice from our specialized coaches:

- Look closely at your motivations. List what you no longer want to do and what you dream of.

-Organizing your lunch breaks! LinkedIn has a new application that allows you to suggest lunches to your entire network (and beyond) : test it ! The purpose is getting people to talk about their business and make you discover new horizons. So wait no more, book up your luncheon agenda!

Steal time where we can

Woman holding a watch

I am constantly running somewhere, like everyone these days! Ideas are constantly popping up in my head but I never have time to actually make things happen. To steal time, Anna, one of our coaches, an expert in a « slower more intense » way of live, shares her tips:

When you feel overwhelmed by a « to do list », write up next to each task how long it will take you.

This can reduce stress – even avoid panic – in a really spectacular way because you realize that out of 15 things to do absolutely, there are maybe four that take only a few minutes each ; so in barely 1 hour, you can eliminate 25% of your to do list!

Set aside your evenings! Don’t bring work back home. School is behind you and so is homework! It’s better to get up early, you will be much more efficient!

Never make lists at night time: it’s much easier to dedramatize in the morning and evenings should eventually be reserved to look at your list of things done, never to make a new list.

Plan your outings. Obsessed by your daily life, you will feel neither the urge, nor allot the time and will end up missing on Paris has to offer you. So take advantage of September to reserve ahead of time a few not to be missed concerts, exhibitions, pays. Eventbrite, ticketack… There are many sites!

Go into airplane mode as often as you can. Mobiles are not good for relationships especially when your mobile is on the table in front of him, ready to ring any time, encouraging you to check your last e- mail. Best to choose 45 minute increments during the day and having it in airplane mode will bring you new serenity.

Discover Ana’s program

how to finally start on writing a novel

Coffee cup, typewriter and a vinyl

If you always dreamt of writing your own book, Sandra, one of our literary coaches, has two simple pieces of advice: read and dream!

Only read what you like. If a novel bores you, drop it immediately…never mind if it’s a well-known author or a must-read classic.

Dream up your story and take notes, write down everything you observe and that touches you: a scene, an exchange of words, an ad that is in keeping with your mood of the day, somebody you see in the metro…

Then, just go for it ! Think of a title. Write a few scenes —you don’t necessarily have be start by the beginning. It’s important to write regularly. You need to find your routine. … But don’t let anyone ready your copy, your text is fragile: you are in a creative state !

All the information on how to write your novel

Last tip: participate in our waouh me contest ! « My most beautiful love declaration for a project » by posting it on Facebook and maybe win a coaching program for « I am writing a book »!

tips to stay motivated after a vacation

Woman holding a globe

If, like me, you are at the dawn of a very busy working girl year with the feeling that things are going to be tough as nails, plan upcoming holidays 8 weeks ahead of time!

No more, no less. 8 weeks allows one to have enough time to dream in order to be motivated. They say one week is the ideal time span to really get back on track … so no excuses!

The clever tip? Decide on your dates and purchase the tickets. As for hotels, I allow myself a little time by going on…

The tip (it works for holidays but not only), is to have a goal so that these first months are filled with promises that will actually materialize.

Having projects makes you serene and feeling that they will actually happen really makes you happy. This is our leitmotiv at waouh me!

how to stay fit with a very busy schedule?

Woman working out

The 15hour day is back. For me, it entails taking care of my 3 year old twins, going to the office and working on evenings, week-ends and Wednesday without forgetting my man and all those around me! In short, a crazy rhythm.

-Going to bed early (11pm) and always at the same time. I really make a point of this otherwise: I’m dysfunctional.

-Being organic. My doctor persuaded me: vitamins are no longer found in fruit and vegetables, impoverished by excessive production. He boots his energy with 100% organic veggie juices and is filled with energy. I intend to copy him!

-Playing pleasure sports! I am going to follow a super program put together by one of our coaches, Florence, a nutritionist and a sports pro. She offers a combo of sports training and nutritional advice. Finally, I will be given exercises that suit me!

All the info on

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