Hurray for cultural exchanges!

Principale Myriam Tirler

Ready to exchange "The Bridget Jones Diary" against "The Devil Wears Prada", "Jules et Jim" for a cult Houellebecq or a cute small lamp against a Largo Winch collection...You are swamped with DVDs and books? Do some sorting and come exchange them on Sunday at the Centquatre.

The gigantic arty welcomes all afternoon long a XXL cultural exchange between private individuals. This is the ideal place to pick up, BDs, DVDs, video games, posters, lithographies, small decorative objects, paintings and musical instruments without having to pull out your wallet… Here nothing piles up, everything is exchanged... A sure way to find golden nuggets without shelling out a single euro!

Tops, the Circulation(s) festival, dedicated to the new European photography scene, also happens to be starting this weekend at Centquatre with a wide array of works. You can also stroll around the architectural and colorful work created on site by contemporary Dutch artist Krijn de Koning, an amazing arty venue.

Grand Troc Culturel, on January 25th 2015 from 1pm to 7pm, free access

Festival Circulation(s), until March 8th 2015, open Tuesday to Friday form 1pm to 7pm and on the weekend from noon to 7pm.

Krijn de Koning, de Koning: espace – couleurs, until April 5th 2015.

© Myriam Tirler

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