3 days of glam fasting in Fontainebleau

Jeune Randonnee

It’s the good healthy news for all the Parisiennes who had “considered the idea” without ever really having the  courage to actually “take hardship action” with a week at La Pensée Sauvage.

Funnily enough, it’s two former pros,  Guillaume Charroin, a detox expert and professional hiker along with Mathilde Marecaille,  a solar woman, specialist in fasting as well as being a yoga teacher, who launched Clairière et Canopée.

Their signature ? Fasting, resourcing yourself, walking in the forest, breathing, meditating, learning naturopathy, lots of small secrets to reappropriate their body in a glam and friendly setting.

Jeune et Randonée Lieu

Their 3-day target formula will set back on track Parisians on the edge of a burn out, with a few extra kilos, yearning for the slow life, tranquillity and a healthy life. At the key: a fitted silhouette,  a feel-good spirit and baby skin. You in a better version.

Ready, set, go: Saturday morning for Fontainebleau (35 min by train and you are picked up) taken to an amazing country house with a big garden, nice rooms, pretty bathrooms, wood burning fireplace for fresh evenings... Once you have set down your luggage, the daily programme begins.

Every morning: wake up with detox rituals (tongue brushing with sesame oil, cleaning your nasal septum) and delicious infusions with a very intense yoga session. Then you are off for the hike...

Guillaume, the hansome guide, organizes absolutely amazing excursions through the dunes and hallucinating landscapes of Fontainebleau. Time to flies by, you will forget that you are hungry if you laugh with the gals—and will walk at least ten kilometers without feeling any pain

Back at 2pm, have a juice and chill in the sun while sitting in the lovely garden of the house. Ideally, book a treatment (wrapping of essential oils, energetic, reflexology, to help detoxify the body), all this in the garden tent-spa...

Tente Spa

In the evening, everyone gathers at 7pm around a nice table, in a delicious atmosphere sipping a stylish broth ( believe me one is happy to drink this one) before a conference, nestled in the sofa. An ideal occasion to learn lots of very practical tips and secrets  (what you must stop wolfing down to avoid bloating, the good reflexes before an overly liquid evening, for example…)

Our tip ? Choose the fasting option with freshly squeezed juices in order not to feel tired and stay in shape… If you fear solitude, you should go do this with a good friend, the experience becomes a super fun two-some adventure.

Jeune et Randonnée, l'accueil

The extended weekend formula, Saturday to Monday (starting at €290 without lodgings and €380 with lodgings), all the info on www.clairiereetcanopee.com.

Also discover the good addresses in Alba.

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