The Cachaça of the Expérimental

La Cachaca De Lexperimenta

Everyone knows the Expérimental Cocktail Club in Montorgueil, launched by a winning trio, Olivier, Romée and Pierre-Charles. They have just concocted a so-Brazil cocktail!

Equipment :

-        Shaker

-        Mini-sieve

Step 1

Pour all the ingredients in the shaker.

Step 2

« Shake » once without ice, to create an emulsion.

Step 3

Incorporate the crushed ice in the shaker and « Shake» a second time.

Step 4

Filter with a mini-sieve in a cocktail glass.


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-        1 egg white

-        20 cl of yellow lemon

-        20 cl of sugar cane syrup

-        5 cl of Engenho da Vertente cachaça

-        Crushed ice

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