Wax Doll, the killer cocktail with white chocolate !

To stun your lover, Alexandre Chialva, the amazing chef barman at the Mini-Palais, unveiled for us his secret recipe for a divine potion with white chocolate at the Wax Doll…

Important : « oz » in mixology lingo, corresponds to a cocktail measure of about 28 ml.

Preparation: shaker

Glass : old fashioned

Garnish : strawberry and white chocolate stem


Shake then pour in an « old fashioned » whisky glass filled with ice cubes.

Decorate with a strawberry and a white chocolate stem.

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-1oz of Bombay gin

-½ oz of white chocolate cream (sold in supermarkets)

-1/2 oz of raspberry liqueur

-3/4 oz cranberry

-3/4 oz raspberry mix (frozen Picard)

-1 stem of white chocolate

-1 strawberry

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