Jean-Paul Hévin’s chocolate TART

Tarte Jean Paul Hevin

Chocolate buffs are going to hit the roof. The favorite chocolatier of Parisiennes Meilleur Ouvrier de France, aka Jean-Paul Hévin, shares with us the recipe of his fabulous crispy chocolate tart that the entire world comes to sample in his swanky chocolate-bar on rue Saint Honoré. The smoothness of the bitter chocolate and the crispiness of the feuilletine, the spicy touch of the badiane and the fruity side of the hazelnut: the day is sure to be filled with contrasting emotions.


2 tarts for 4persons  
Preparation: 30min
Cooking time: 40min
Leave to sit: 6h 30

Sweet chocolate dough

1/ Melt the chocolate in a double boiler bain-marie*. In a salad bowl, delicately mix the butter, the glazed sugar, the almond powder, the liquid vanilla and the salt. Mix. Incorporate the egg, the flour and the melted chocolate, then mix until it turns into a ball. Wrap in plastic film and leave in the icebox for 6h.

2/ Spread the dough with a pastry pin into two disks, as finely as possible. Garnish the two 18cm diameter circles, then leave in the icebox for 30min. Preheat the over to 170°C (th. 6). Precook the dough for about 20min. When the cooking is done, take out the tart bottoms, but don’t turn off the over.

When dough is nice and cold it’s easier to spread. The chocolate in the dough brings acidity, which tones the taste.

Chocolate Ganache

3/ Hash up the chocolate and put it in a salad bowl. Boil the liquid fleurette cream, then pour it on the chocolate. Mix with elegance.

4/ When the chocolate is totally melted, incorporate the beaten egg and the yolk, then mix well. Then add the butter is small pieces and mix again.

5/ Pour this ganache into the precooked tart bottoms. Bake for 5min, still at 170°C. At the end of the cooking, remove from oven and allow to cool.

Feuilletine dough

6/ In a bain-marie* double boiler, melt the chocolate with the cocoa butter by mixing, then allow to crystallize*. Add the hazelnut spread, then the feuilletine. Mix delicately with a spatula.

You can replace the feuilletine with shredded Gavottes® cookies.

7/ On a baking sheet of Silpat®, create 2 6cm diameter disks. Allow to cool down.


8/ In a pan, bring the “fleurette” cream to a boil with the inverted sugar (or the honey). Chop up the chocolate and put it in a salad bowl. Pour the boiling cream on the chocolate and mix slowly with a whip in order to create an emulsion.

If you have no inverted sugar, replace it by the same quantity of acacia sugar.

9/ Place the chocolate feuilletine disks on the tarts, over the chocolate ganache. Then spread the glazing around and on top of this disk with a spatula. Allow to cool down 10min in the icebox.

Star anise crisp

10/ Preheat the over to 180°C (th. 6). Butter the brick leaves on both sides, then sprinkle with semolina sugar.

Manipulate the brick leaves delicately, they are very fragile.

11/ Detail the leaves in four, fold them over and place them is small 6cm molds. Bake for 12 to 14min. Sprinkle with glazed sugar and allow to caramelize at 250°C (th. 8) during 1 to 2min.

12/ Remove the crisps from the oven. Sprinkle them with star anise then unmold. Allow to cool down. Before tasting, place them on the chocolate tarts.

These tarts can be kept for 3 days in the icebox. Take them out at room temperature for 2h before tasting.


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25g of black chocolate (JPH 70% mix)

140g of soft butter

90g of glazed sugar

30g of almond powder

2 drops of natural liquid vanilla

1 pinch of salt

1 egg (50g)

230g of flour

Ganache chocolat

180g of black chocolate (Valrhona Manjari 64%)

210g of liquid « fleurette » cream

1/2 whole beaten egg

1 yolk (20g)

40g of butter

Palet feuilletine

85g of milk chocolate

10g of cocoa butter

15g of mashed hazelnuts

120g of feuilletine*
or crushed Gavottes® biscuits


110g of “fleurette” liquid cream

10g of inverted sugar*
(acacia honey)

100g of black chocolate (laboratory JPH 67%)

Croustillant badiane

6 leaves of brick with 30cm diameter

50g of melted butter

50g of semolina sugar

50g of glazed sugar

Powder of star anise*

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