The macaroons of Alain Ducasse

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Good news for macaroon-addicts the Alain Ducasse cooking school is printing its top recipes for Frenchy it-pastry in his « Macaroons » book. Our favorite? Taffy teddy chocolate macaroons.

Preparation time: 40 min

Cooking time: 25 min

Step 1: The macaroon shell

Preheat the oven to 160°.

Put the almond powder and the icing sugar in a blender, then mix for about 20 seconds.

Sieve the mixture until you obtain a very fine and regular powder. Set aside.

Whip the egg whites into peaks using a pastry blender with a whip, or an electric beater. When they have the texture of shaving cream, slowly and the granulated sugar. Allow to turn until it forms a pretty meringue.

Add the sieved powder to the la meringue you obtained. Mix delicately with a spatula creating large circles until the preparation is homogenous

Start by beating the eggs white slowly: they must be very mossy when you add the granulated sugar. You can then increase the speed of the robot robot.

Allow the preparation to drop by mixing vigorously with a spatula until the texture is shiny and forms a smooth ribbon.

Set aside a small part in a n°5 piping bag and add the cocoa to the rest of the preparation and fill a n°7 piping bag.

With the chocolate device, create 4cm circles on a plaque. Make little circles for the ears. With the non-cocoa device, create a circle at the center of the bear’s head and ears.

Bake for 14min. Let cool. With black coloring, draw the eyes, mouth, and nose of the bear with a thin brush.

Step2: The vanilla taffy

Put the gelatin in a bowl of cold water with ice cubes.

Start beating the eggs and tighten them up with 6g of granulated sugar.

Pour the water and the rest of the sugar in a pot and cook at 130°c. Pour on the egg whites and beat.

Drain the gelatin. Allow to melt in the pan with the vanilla aroma and seeds. Add this mix to the meringue, then allow to rise. Whip until it cools down.. Put into a n°8 piping bag.

Step3 : Presentation

Form a taffy marble on the reverse side then insert a lollipop stick. Slightly cool down the macaroons so that the taffy hardens. Cover the bear heads and press slightly.

Verify the cooking temperature with a thermometer.

« Macarons : lisses, craquelés, sucrés, salés… »

Published by Editions Alain Ducasse, 12€


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Macaroon shells

110g of powdered almong

225g of icing sugar

125g of egg whites (about 4)

50g of granulated sugar

10g of powdered cocoa

Black coloring

Vanilla taffy

8g of gelatin

246g of granulated sugar

65g water

60g egg whites (about 2)

2g vanilla aroma

1 vanilla pod

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