The easy crêpes millefeuille by Pierre Augé


The crispy crêpes mille-feuille is the new foodporn recipe that makes all the foodies salivate on Instagram. The good news is that Pierre Augé, uncontested kitchen master of Top Chef (which he won twice), shares with us the amazing recipe to concoct 20 minutes flat at home taken from his last book. The promise of a perfect tea time with the gals in “gossip & gourmet treats mode”. We feel like saying: hurray for rotten weather.

For 4 persons.

Preparation: 10 min – cooking time: 10 min.

For the crêpes batter: pour the flour like a well in a salad bowl and add the eggs one by one. Incorporate the milk progressively, then the butter while whipping with a whisk. Cook the crêpes in a pan for 1 min until you have no batter leaft. Preheat the over to 160 °C (th. 5-6). Place crêpes, with spaces, between the 2 oven plaques and 2 sheets of sulfurized paper. Bake for 5 minutes 160°C (th. 5-6). Allow to cool down.

Meanwhile, in a mixer with a whip, mount the liquid cream with the vanilla seeds and the sugar until you get a chantilly. Pile up 5 or 6 crispy crêpes separating each with a layer of Chantilly cream, as for a mille-feuille, then sprinkle with glazed sugar.

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Tip: Complete this dessert with a few pieces of fresh seasonal pieces of fruit.

Simple & Frais - Recettes de tous les jours by Pierre Augé, at Ducasse Edition, 19,90€.

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For the crêpes batter

40 g of flour

50 g of eggs

12,5 cl of milk

25 g nut butter (no obligatory)

For the vanilla Chantilly

200 g of liquid cream with 35% fat.

1 vanilla pod

30 g of semolina sugar

Glazed sugar

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