To go see absolutely: the stunning Picasso exhibition !

Expo Picasso Sept 2018

You thought you knew everything about Picasso, his life, his work? Don’t speak to quickly ! With Chefs d’Oeuvre, he Picasso museum has just inaugurated the largest exhibition on the Cubist painter everyone is talking about this Fall. Explanation

The (re)-discovery of his major works

From Bathers to Harlequins including Les Demoiselles d’Avignon or Femmes à leurs Toilettes

Sculptures, canvases, lithographs… One discovers all the master pieces of the artist’s work and his questioning, since he was 17-years-old until his death, following the works of art that have established the reputation of Picasso as a creative God.

Another fact: works totally unknown to the Parisian public are presented, “Science and Charity”, this amazing painting that Picasso signs at only 16-years-old. A very moving social portrait that is an echo to a personal drama: the death of his younger sister Conchita in 1895.

Because it’s a philosophical and cool exhibition

Which is the meaning that the notion of master piece has for Pablo Picasso ?

The exhibition answers this question on a resolutely sexy mode by featuring master pieces… Starting with his reflections on the autoportrait with a reinterpretation by Rembrandt, a homage to the Dutch master.

Extraordinary homage to Balzac, the “Unknown Master Piece” by Honoré de Balzac will be illustrated one century later by Picasso. A series that is a wonderful introduction for this exhibition. “Reaching ideal beauty, such is the dream of the painter Frenhofer, hero of … Everything is said !

Afterwards? Make a bee line for Carbón, the new table that is setting the Marais on fire, to taste the yummy plates of Swedish chef David Kjellstenius (ex Au Passage) around cocktails with a twist (Spritz with rhubarb €9) or natural wines. Burrata smoked with hay (€10 €) ; butternut, farmer cheese, hazelnut (€10) ; XXL 1.3 kg prime rib of beef (€98 ) ; duck breast (€45) and couture sweetbreads (€45). A delight!

Exhibition from the 4 th of September 2018 to the 13th of January 2019

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