Ad-mania : a wild show!

Expo Bup Mania

How many of us have kept a mustard jar and use it as a glass? Here is a show that is going to delight compulsive collectors and reassure all those who keep useful little objects that have no value…for the time being.

The Museum of Decorative Arts explores the phenomenon of collection ad objects, born with the beginning of consumer society at the end of the 19th century. While it began with fans that boutiques and leading hotels distributed as promotions, little by little the phenomenon grew. Key chains, lighters, posters, collector bottles (Coca-Cola x Karl Lagerfeld), stuffed animals…

Certain brands like Banania or Vache went overboard in terms of imagination encouraging us to keep these objects of curiosity, that somehow land in all the museums.

We like: a really fun exhibition that encourages all the collectors!

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