How to prepare a real Peking duck?

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A real festive meal, Peking duck is the star of the Chinese New Year. And who could be cooler and sharper to give us the real traditional recipe than Céline Chung , the big boss at the head of the successful Petit Bao and Gros Bao restaurants? At the same time as the opening of Bleu Bao , his long-awaited third address, his Chinese cookbook Bao Family is also coming out on February 16, which we can't wait to browse.

Ingredients for the shopping list

Gutted duck - 1 pce

Ginger - 30g

Shallots - 2 pcs.

Spring onion - 1 stalk

Cucumber - 1 pc

White leek - 1 pce

Sauce Hoisin

Steamed buns or pancakes

Mixture to massage the duck

Sauce Hoisin - 2,5 cl

Five-spice - 5 g

Chopped ginger - 10 g

Chopped Garlic -10g

Salt - 5g


Water - 5cl

Rice wine vinegar - 14 cl

Red wine vinegar - 7 cl

Maltose - 25g

The recipe for 4 to 6 servings

Clean the duck and remove the remaining feathers. Boil a large pot of water.

Use a hook or hold the duck by the neck over the boiling pot. Pour large ladlefuls of warm water over the skin to start tightening it. Repeat the operation until all the skin of the duck is taut.

Make the preparation to massage the duck by mixing all the ingredients. Generously rub the inside of the duck with the mixture, then place the crushed ginger , the shallots and the minced spring onion. Sew the opening with a large needle and butcher's twine.

Heat the glaze ingredients to dissolve the maltose . Brush the duck evenly with the glaze . Hang the duck to dry (use a fan if necessary). Once the skin is dry to the touch, the duck can be stored in the fridge overnight (uncovered), to further dehydrate the skin.

Preheat the oven to 200°C (th.6-7) and place the rack on the lowest level of the oven. Place the duck with the breasts facing up on the grill. Roast it for about 25 minutes, then lower the internal temperature to 80°C (check with a probe thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the thigh) Remove the duck from the oven, cut it and serve it at once.

Accompany the duck with thin sticks of cucumber , white leek cut in the thinnest possible julienne, hoisin sauce and steamed buns or pancakes .

Bao Family recipe book available from February 16 at 35 .

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