How to make the best croque-monsieur in Paris?

Recette Croque Monsieur

At Papa Sapiens , the extraordinary table d'hôte grocery store in the 2nd, we make the best croque-monsieur de Paname with delicious products, it is their signature.


Cut the Comté into 6 thin slices.

Cut the ham into a chiffonade.

Place 3 thin slices of Comté cheese on a slice of white bread .

Add the cushions of ham to the Comté .

On the shredded ham add 3 slices County.

Then add the last slice of sandwich bread .

On a plancha (or non-stick pan), melt the butter .

Pass both sides of the croque monsieur through it and make sure that the sandwich bread is impregnated with the melted butter.

Finish cooking the croque-monsieur for 3 minutes in the oven at 160 °.

To enjoy with a green salad ...

Chef's Tip: For the dressing green salad accompanying the croque monsieur: just 1/3 of Tangy cider vinegar and 2/3 of olive oil, that's how it is served at Papa Sapiens !


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