How to prepare a homemade sashimi bowl?

Sashimi Bowl

We no longer present the healthy and comfy kif of the sashimi bowl, a must-eat inspired by the Japanese-Californian coffee shops that we love.

A question remains: how to reproduce this little delight at home? The answer is simple. Follow the simple, quick and devilishly effective recipe.

Sashimi bowl recipe

Place in a bowl of 30 g of cooked basmati rice .

Add 30 g of sashimi-style raw salmon , 15 g of sliced courgette and 15 g of chopped Agen prunes .

Prepare the Agen prune mayonnaise , making sure that the ingredients are at room temperature: mix the egg yolk , a little salt and pepper, whisk, gradually pouring in the oil to thicken the mayonnaise. Mix the Agen prunes until a paste is obtained, incorporate it into the mayonnaise and place 2 spoons of mayonnaise in the bowl.

Finally, sprinkle with wasabi pieces .

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