Top Chef Matthias Marc's Potatoes with Jurassic Sauce

Matthias Marc

Foodies all have their name in their mouths and dream of trying their meals “ for real ”! And that's good, Matthias Marc, the semi-finalist candidate for Top Chef , has imagined a recipe that is both highly food porn and very local at Liquides, his new trendy “tavern ” a stone's throw from Les Halles. Here is the recipe.

Jurassic sauce

Take 100 g of Metton + 150 g of milk + 8 g of butter + 15 g of yellow wine + 1/2 clove of garlic for the sauce and 100 g of Mitraille potatoes and smoked oil.


Mix all the ingredients to create the Jura sauce , in a Thermomix or Robot Coupe at 170 degrees for 12 minutes.

It is also possible to bring everything to temperature and mix with a whisk.

Then cook the potatoes in a pan in smoked oil over low heat.

Leave to candy for 1 hour, cover with cancoillotte and enjoy.

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