How to make a salmon poke bowl?

Recette Poke Bowl Au Saumon

It's (finally) the return of sunny days and to celebrate, the poke bowls are back in force and for our greatest pleasure.

Preparation: 6 minutes

Marinade: 1 to 3 hours

For 2 people


Cut the salmon into cubes.

Peel and dice the mango and avocado separately .

Sprinkle the latter with a dash of lemon juice to prevent it from darkening.

Finely chop the red onion .

Prepare the marinade by mixing all the ingredients.

Add the diced salmon and marinate for at least 1 hour (3 hours maximum) in the refrigerator, covering the container with cling film.

Transfer the cooked rice to a bowl. Place the diced marinated salmon on top.

Arrange the diced mango and avocado harmoniously .

Drizzle with the marinade and sprinkle with sesame seeds and a few basil leaves .

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