How to make the best sole meunière in Paris?

Recette Sole Meuniere

@ Delphine Constantini

Everyone will tell you. The sole meunière at the Fontaine de Mars bistro , in the 7th arrondissement, is undoubtedly the best in Paris, to be devoured in its splendid decor full of checkered tablecloths, antique objects, earthenware tiles… On the occasion of the release of a book devoted to his cult recipes at La Martinière , the chef reveals the recipe for his sole. Yum.

For 6 persons

Preparation : 15 min

Cooking : 40 min


  • Ask your fishmonger to prepare the sole (he will have to gut them, remove the black skin and scrape the white skin to remove the scales).

  • Run the sole under cold water and dry them gently. Flour both sides and pat over a plate to remove excess.

  • Heat a frying pan with the olive oil and place it gently skin side sole. When a color appears, add half the butter - salt and reduce heat: butter should foam, but it does not blacken. Turn the sole over and drizzle it over with the butter. Plant a raw spaghetti to check the cooking of the fish: it must pierce the flesh through the edges. Once all the soles are cooked, turn the heat up again and wait for the butter to color slightly. When a nutty smell appears, turn off the heat and pour in the juice of the lemons .

  • Prepare the soles, place two fillets on each plate and cover them with butter sauce. Serve with a nice quenelle of puree and half a Nice lemon, preferably.

Extract from the book La Fontaine de Mars in 50 recipes , Éditions de La Martinière, € 29

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