La Lorraine sea bream tartare

Recette Tartare De Daurade

We tell you how to perfectly reproduce the sea bream tartare from the La Lorraine brewery .

For 4 people


Cut the sea bream , the avocado and the cucumber into ½ cm dice.

In a salad bowl :

Squeeze the juice from the lime (also incorporate some zest ).

Add the shallot , a pinch of fleur de sel and also a pinch of Espelette pepper then the olive oil .

Stir in your sea bream , avocado and cucumber.

Gently mix everything together with a large spoon.

Put in the refrigerator for 10 minutes so that our marine preparation.

Meanwhile, prepare the chopped cilantro .

Finely cut radish shavings , and red onions.

Make sprigs of chervil and dill.

Take your container out of the fridge, add the chopped coriander to your preparation, mix again, taste and adjust in salt if necessary.


Arrange your tartare in the center of a plate.

Decorate on top of a herb salad with radishes and red onions then arrange your borage flowers .

Sprinkle the whole with a pinch of Espelette pepper and a drizzle of olive oil .

Serve very chilled.

Enjoy your meal !


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