And how about copying the amazing pan bagnat served at Les Roches Rouges ?

Recette Pan Bagnat Des Roches Rouges

It’s the sandwich with a holiday taste A salade niçoise nestled in a bread smothered with olive oil. While the best pan bagnat in France is generally savoured on the deckchairs of the Roches Rouges hotel in Saint-Raphaël, it now has landed at your home, defying all the holiday laws. Why? Quite simply because chef José Bailly has shared his secret recipe. A snobbism to taste in Paris in front of Netflix while taunting all the other holiday-goers who are not as lucky.


Cleanse all the vegetables. Stalk the green beans. Mince the pepper and the tomato into thin slivers. Remove the pits from the olives and cut them in half. Blanch and peel the lima beans. Cut the tomato in 8 slices.

Keep only the best leaves of the artichoke and set them aside in water with lemon. Mince them at the last minute with a mandolin. Cook the hard-boiled egg in water with a touch of vinegar.

Cool for 10 min before cutting up in round slices. Assemble all the ingredients in a vat. Season with avec 2 cl of olive oil, pepper and fleur de sel to stay as natural as possible.

Open the bread in two and wet with olive oil. Place the veggies prettily on part of the bread and divide the 6 filets of anchovies harmoniously over the vegetables. Close with the second part of the bread. Cut in half.

To be eaten during a picnic or served on a plate with arugula salad.

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 3 anchovies in oil

1 handful of green beans

1 red or green pepper

50g of lima beans

30g of black olives

30g or artichoke

1 half-tomato

1 hard-boiled egg

1 pan bagnat bun bread or a plain fougasse to buy at the baker

2cl of olive oil

6 filets of anchovies

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