The recipe for the perfect surf and turf roll

Recette Roules Gambas Jambon

Mixing gambas and Serrano ham for a surf and turf dish that will seduce even the less daring… The chef’s tip: you can replace the dried tomatoes by capers or diced up citrus fruit.

Preparation : 20 minutes

Cooking : 5 minutes

For 6 persons

Preparation :

Peel the gambas removing the tail.

Cut the ham slices in 2 lengthwise and roll them around the gambas.

Cook in a warm pan with olive oil.

Dice up the dried tomatoes. Chisel the chives. Gather all the ingredients and mix.

Grill the nuts in a warm pan without any fat.

For the presentation:

Place the gambas in a dish, sprinkle with the nuts and serve the sauce on the side.


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6 slices of Serrano ham

18 fresh gambas

3 cl of olive oil

Pour step 2 :

3 pinches of fine salt

3 turns of the pepper mill

1,5 cl of lemon juice

1 bunch of chives

25 of dried tomatoes

Pour step 3 :

20 g of chopped nuts

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