The Nicolas Bedos comedy to see in Provence

Promenade De Sante

Good news for all those who are allergic to the Avignon festival, to plays that even the readers of Télérama TV guide find boring or with a « troubadours » scenography.

If you are spending a few days in Provence during the month of July, we have found for you the must-see romantic comedy! Imagine a delightful, subtle moving and funny spectacle.

We owe this tender and amusing text to author Nicolas Bedos who is really tops when it comes to the « Promenade de santé ». And for sure this group will not go on strike.

We adore: the performance of Tania Garbaski and Charlie Dupont (together on stage like in real life) who already brought in a full house in Brussels before showing up in Provence.

The pitch? A love-story…  directly from a psychiatric asylum!  The story of a rather normal love at first sight, but not banal, since it takes place in the gardens of a hospital. The two protagonists have fun, are seduced by each other and filled with desire… Except that he is bipolar and a mythomaniac while she is a nymphomaniac with a maniac depressive psychosis. Where does nevrosis begin end and where does love begin? That is the question!

When? It’s every day from 5 to 27 July at 5pm.

The price? Rate 22€. Reduced rate: 11€.

Cool: you can reserve on line

« Promenade de santé » au Théâtre du Chêne noir

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