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It's a success both literary and theatrical! Published in 1938 by Kathrine Kressman Taylor, the epistolary novella Unknown at this Address continues to be adapted for the stage worldwide. This time, Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Stéphane Guillon take on this text at Théâtre Antoine. A success that remains as poignant as ever.


Friendship Tested by Nazism

Max Eisenstein, an American Jew of German descent, and Martin Schulse, a native German, are longtime friends and partners in a thriving art gallery in San Francisco. Martin returns to Germany with his family, beginning a correspondence with his friend as Hitler rises to power. Through their letters, the gulf between the two men widens. One falls into monstrosity, the other into vengeance.

How does a man come to betray his best friend? With the new direction by Jérémie Lippmann, this fresh adaptation succeeds in capturing this tipping point, projecting archival videos, sounds of soldiers' bootsteps, and the colors of Nazi Germany onto the stage, enveloping the audience in an increasingly oppressive atmosphere until the play's end. Result: Unknown at this Address still sends shivers down the spine, and it's terribly necessary.


A New Theatrical Duo

Following in the footsteps of Thierry Lhermitte and Patrick Timsit, Samuel Le Bihan and Bruno Solo, Jean-Paul Rouve and Elie Semoun, or Charles Berling and Gérard Darmon, it's now Stéphane Guillon and Jean-Pierre Darroussin who bring Kathrine Kressman Taylor's characters to life, for the third and second time respectively... and for the first time together!

Alternatingly, the actors immerse the audience in their strong friendship, their turmoil, their anguish, their cowardice, and their anger. While Jean-Pierre Darroussin chooses to embody a Max holding his head high, Stéphane Guillon pushes the boundaries in his portrayal of Martin: his diction and fervor echo that of Hitler. The audience trembles in the theater, holding their breath until the heartbreaking final scene. A must-see, time and time again.

Until the 13th, April at Théâtre Antoine.

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