The best Holiday shows of the Winter season

When dark Winter nights fall upon Paris, we all dream of nestling in the velvet seats of the most beautiful spectacles… One-woman-show, ballet at the Opera, musical comedy, equestrian performance or chic comedy, our selection of the 10 best outings this season with the family or as a duo…


For whom? All the lovers of ballets who dream of discovering a great classic at the Opéra of Paris— with a twist”.

The pitch? Once upon a time… the famous tale by Charles Perrault, with music created by Sergueï Prokofiev. The scenography of Rudolf Noureev propels his Cinderella under the Hollywood sunlights, with a producer as fairy godmother and a star actor as prince charming, all in a cinema décor filled with references to the heroes of the silver screen!

Where? At the Opéra de Paris, place de la Bastille, 75012 Paris.

Until the 2nd of January 2019. Starting at €15, reservations on

Peau d’âne

For whom? All those wistful about Jacques Demy’s cult film with Catherine Deneuve and Jean Marais, who dream of rhinestones and fairy tales.

The pitch? The story of a widower king who decides to wed his daughter. The princess bides her time by asking for three incredible dresses almost impossible to create. Helped by her fairy godmother, she manages to run away to another kingdom, hidden under a donkey skin. This is when the local prince falls madly in love with her.

Where? At the Théâtre Marigny, Carré Marigny, 75008 Paris.

Until the 17th of February 2019. Starting at €36, reservations on


For whom? The fans of Canal series and the famous Saturday of the month! This rather enthralling comedy is a direct adaptation of the eponymous series showcased by the truculent Nicolas Briançon.

The pitch? Charlie Dupont, Stephan Wojtowicz and François Vincentelli: the initial casting of the series is almost complete on stage! When her husband dies suddenly, a young widow discovers that he was at the head of production house for pornographic films. To avoid a financial demise, she must take over the company… and falls under the charm of the very well-endowed masculine star, Roy Lapoutre.

Where? At the Théâtre de la Renaissance, 20 boulevard Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris.

Until the 6th of January 2019. Starting at €15, reservations on

Twelth Night

For whom? All those who enjoy controversial theatre! For his first staging at the Comédie Française, German director Thomas Ostermeier does not hesitate to shake up the conventions of the Shakespearian drama. And everyone is talking about it.

The pitch? You will encounter Duke Orsino, aka Denis Poda­lydès, in his underwear or Christophe Montenez, totally nude. Here, Thomas Ostermeier brings a very queer touch and a questioning on the gender for this play by Shakespeare­—more contemporary than ever. Everything begins when Viola decides to disguise herself as a young man after a shipwreck. She literally morphs into the body of Sebastian, her twin brother she thought was drowned.

Where? At the mythical Comédie-Française, 1 place Colette, 75001 Paris. While online sales may be sold out, don’t hesitate to drop by the Comédie-Française ticket office, there is a constant updating of seats and you can find tickets for the very evening or even during the week.

© Jean-Louis Fernandez, coll. Comédie-Française
Until the 28th of February 2019.


For whom? Horse lovers, or those who are simply mesmerized by the beauty of high-end equestrian representations.

The pitch? A resolutely poetic demonstration of dressage, always very powerful for this last spectacle by Bartabas. Here, no cheesy vaulting acrobatics, but a stunning repertoire of performances with horses, donkey and wolves, guided by music and the voice of trainers hiding in the shadows A very pure moment of grace, almost mystical, to live at least once in a lifetime.

Where? At the Théâtre Équestre Zingaro, 176 avenue Jean Jaurès 93300 Aubervilliers.

© Marion Tubiana

Until the 31st of December 2018. Starting at €21, reservations on

Nadia Roz

For whom? Groups of gals who dream of a cool evening to laugh at the jokes of a multi-faceted comedian cut out for the stage.

The pitch? Nadia Roz imitates, mimics, dances, sings, and manages to make us laugh about small feminine issues with lots of finesse. When she is not singing her ode to sharing housekeeping chores on a tune worthy of Snow White (nugget), imitating to the perfection Cristina Cordula or flirting with a spectator, she recalls being traumatised when her mother gave her darling Schmurfette doll to another little girl (#drama). A wonderful moment.

Where? At the Théâtre des Mathurins, 36 rue des Mathurins, 75008 Paris.

Until the 6th of January 2019. Starting at €16.


For whom? All those wild about musical comedies, as sexy as on Broadway, that swing and make you want to dance on the spot.

The pitch? In Chicago during the Roaring Twenties, a cabaret girl kills her lover in cold blood. In jail, she encounters her idol, a jazz singer, herself a double murderer. A very unhealthy competition arises between the two, arbitrated by their lawyer. The wager? Who will be the most popular. It’s up to the press to decide!

Where? At the Théâtre Mogador, 25 rue de Mogador, 75009 Paris.

Until the 30th of June 2019. Starting at €25, reservations on

La nostalgie des blattes

For whom? Super-connected Parisiennes racing about town at a mile a minute, who are afraid of getting old and badly need to wind down.

The pitch? In a near future, two 60-year-olds who don’t want to go under the knife, must stick together in an aseptic world, supervised by drones. An ode to feel-good old age, incarnated by two leading actresses of the French stage: Catherine Hiegel and Tania Torrens. Who will be awarded for the best imitation of Alzheimer?

Where? At the Théâtre du Petit Saint-Martin, 17 rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris.

Until the 31st of December 2018. Starting at €24, reservations on

Lights, camera, action!

For whom?? Parisians who enjoy the slapstick well-presented style of the boulevards, and who are on the ready for a nice hilarious session of comedy.

The pitch? A film production turns into a nightmare when fiction catches up with reality. A jealous film director, a villainous producer, a drama queen actress, unexpected occurrences, mishaps, betrayals… All the ingredients have been gathered to make the assembly howl with laughter. Keep your eyes open, a member of the audience might be in the know...

Where? At the Théâtre Fontaine, 10 rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris.

Until the 31st of December 2018. Starting at €14.

The Little Mermaid

For whom? Those who would like their niece / daughter / little cousin to discover the favourite fairy tale of their childhood, in an upscale version, by the troop of the Comédie-Française.

The pitch? Closer to the real sad story of Andersen than Disney’s love story, the superb adaptation of Géraldine Martineau revisits the impossible love between a mermaid and a prince. An initiatory reflection on femininity, risk, instinct—absolutely magical.

Where? At Studio-Théâtre, Galerie du Carrousel du Louvre, on the inverted Pyramid place, 99 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris. While online sales may be sold out, don’t hesitate to drop by the Comédie-Française ticket office, there is a constant updating of seats and you can find tickets for the very evening or even during the week.

© Christophe Raynaud de Lage, coll. Comédie-Française

Until the 6th of January 2019.

Also discover three must-reserve spectacles and La Locandiera at the Comédie-Française.

Elodie Rouge and Clémence Renoux

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