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Booster Confiance En Soi Developpement Personnel

Self-confidence is not a gift, but a quality that needs working on ! You also can become the one who is granted an easy raise, gets invited by the man she wants …

Such is the theory of Jasmin Kirkbride in his book Boost that distillates advice, tips and small habits to be adapted on a daily basis to make your self-confidence take off. This new way of seeing things and daring “even more” is giong to change your life. Follow the guide.


Must it be repeated: pessimism is to be banished. Our new attitude?  Becoming a “possibilist : the one who thinks everything is possible with time, work and perseverance. Translation: with a little willpower, everything can happen.

For that: focus on new ways of looking at things and events. From now on, you better say de “I can do it” and forget “It’s a lost cause”.

In practice? Dare to accomplish what yesterday seemed insurmountable: travelling by yourself, bungee jumping, asking your crush out for a drink, dropping everything and changing jobs … Afterwards, nothing will seem “impossible”—it’s a question of exercise.


Looking like something the cat dragged out is not appealing… However, when you go out with a new pair of pumps and a blow dry, you can hold your head high… Obvious.

Self-confidence starts with how you look. Translation: being careful of what your wear changes everything, especially when you are wearing pieces that make you feel comfortable.

Rule n°1: only keep in your wardrobe the clothes that make you look beautiful… And get rid of the others…

Another principle: never wait until the next day to have clean hair, wear warrior heels (even if it means coming to the office in trainers and hiding them afterwards in your bag), don’t hesitate to wear chic dresses to go work. Better more than not enough...

All these signs of self-confidence will impose a natural authority: it’s a promise!


A slimmer BFF, a more successful brother in terms of studies, your cousin who is with a “great guy” since 3 years while you are still a bachelorette…

To become the queen of self-confidence, believe in your capacities and stop under-estimating yourself. In short: stop to the “Bridget Jones” syndrome by putting yourself down. It is time to perceive yourself as a unique “being”... The best way to show everyone you are on top of the world.

Your neighbour has a size 6 fanny? Yes, but you know how to shake up your body like a Brazilian dancer, kicking up your heels until 4am on stilettos and guys love to watch your eat … So there!


Transferred, ditched or fired by your boss… Deep down, what if this was the best thing that could happen to you?

It’s been proved, self-confidence is reached when you move out of your comfort zone! Go for hands on: dare unusual activities, from the most simple to the wildest possible.

Sorting and integrating new pieces in your wardrobe, taking advantage of being a bachelorette and taking tango lessons, signing up for an intensive yoga course in India between two jobs or going to the theatre every Tuesday.


Smiling liberates endorphins favourable to well-being. For that, nothing very complicated: just go out feeling really boosted in order to bite into life with all your might. “Life is beautiful and you are incredible!”: if you think it, then your man and your boss will also be persuaded...

It seems silly? Forget the goofy smile and adopt the one that reflects everything positive, happiness and friendliness. To your intern when you arrive at the office, to the cashier at Monoprix or your neighbour: SMILE!  You will see, very often, they will smile right back… And it will make you feel great.

Boost: Supercharge Your Confidence by Jasmin KIRKBRIDE published by Dunod

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