A minimalist strawberry shortcake

Mini Fraisier En Verrine

It’s the dessert for nice weather by excellence, the mini-fraisier or strawberry shortcake , ultra fresh and savory ! Play the minimalist card with glass verrines, for a presentation worthy of a gourmet restaurant.

Recipes and photos taken from  La petite Crèmerie Collection Fait Maison by Eva Harlé published by Hachette Cuisine

For 4 persons

Preparation: 15 min

Cooking: 15 min

Equipment : 4 glass verrines

Step 1 :

Prepare the crème pâtissière custard (recipe p. 56). Let it cool down.

Step 2 :

Preheat the over to  180 °C. Prepare 8 circles of flaky pastry dough (2 by verrine) the same size as the verrines. Place the circles on the over plaque covered with sulfurized paper. Spike the circles with a fork to avoid having them bloat and bake for 15 min. They must be golden.

Step 3 :

Wash, remove the stems and cut the strawberries in half. Cut the other half of the strawberries in small cubes.

Step 4 :

Place a circle of flaky pastry dough at the bottom of each verrine. Place a row of cut strawberries cut in half around the edge of verrine. Cover up with crème pâtissière custard and add a few cubes of strawberries then the second circle of flaky pastry dough.

A little tip ? Decorate the mini-fraisiers with pink almond paste.


Photographer : Eric Fénot ; Stylist : Delphine Brunet

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Ingredients :

1 flaky pastry dough

300 g of garriguette strawberries

100 g of pink almond paste (for the decor)

50 cl of crème pâtissière custard

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