The cult strawberry shortcake at Thoumieux

Fraisier Thoumieux

You dream of being a high-flying baker and attempting at reproducing the amazing Thoumieux shortcake that always creates the buzz at Springtime? Follow the recipe. To be DIY or not to be... That is the question.

Ingredients for a 4 to 6 person shortcake :

Beat together the glazed sugar, the almond powder, the yolks and the eggs. Set aside the egg whites and mount into peaks with the sugar. Delicately combine the two mixtures and finish with the flour sifted as rain. Spread on a plaque covered with sulfurized paper. Bake in an oven heated at 180°C during about 10 to 12 min. Remove the biscuit from the hot plaque as soon as it comes out of the oven.

Place the strawberries and the sugar in a round bottomed mixing bowl and film it entirely so that no air can get through. Place the bowl in a double boiler and wait for the strawberries to produce juice naturally. Drain without pressing the fruit and then strain the juice. Set aside in a cold place.

Boil the milk and the cream. Blanch together the sugar, the flour, and the egg yolks. Cook the confectioner’s custard. Set aside in a cold place.

In a pan, cook the sugar at 121°C with the sugar and the water. Pour the cooked sugar on the already mounted egg whites in order to create and Italian meringue , incorporate the butter little by little le around 45°C. Set aside in a cold place.

Place everything in a blender and stir with the whip while slowly heating with a kitchen blow torch in order to obtain a smooth and airy mixture.

Mounting and finishing:

In an entremet dessert mold, sheathed in a plastic leaf, cover the edges with strawberries cut in half. Place a round biscuit soaked with strawberry juice at the bottom.

Cover the edges with the pistachio mousseline by making sure to smooth properly between each strawberry without harming them. Regarnish the center with a little cream and generously place the strawberry pieces.

Then place fine disk of marzipan, then again a biscuit soaked with  strawberry juice.

Finish by smoothing with the  mousseline cream. Stock in a cool place during pen 2 to 3h before unmolding. Decorate with ribbons of guimauve candy, small flowers, fresh strawberries and pistachio slivers.

To be enjoyed without moderation.

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Almond biscuit:

150g of glazed sugar

150g of almond powder

127g of whole eggs

80g of egg yolks

273g of egg whites

100g of sugar

120g of flour


Strawberry juice:

500g of strawberries

50g of sugar


Confectioner’s custard:

250g of cream

90g of milk

40g of sugar

70g of egg yolks

35g of flour


Butter cream:

100g of sugar

35g of water

50g of egg whites

150g of butter


Mousseline cream:

600g of confectioner’s sugar

300g of butter cream

30g of pistachio dough

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