5 very French quirks by Séverine Servat

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One always wonders who is hiding behind the information and interviews of the royal families and people gossip of Gala magazine. Wellit just happens to be a very attractive and clever gal with a good sense of humor and amazing elegance. We are happy to introduce Séverine Servat, a lovely 40-year-old urbanite, capable of recognizing the slightest second role in the French or US cinema on any street corner.

To celebrate our all-French week, this lovely journalist shares with us her red, white and blue quirks.

Wearing silk to impress

Young woman holding a dress

© Angeline Mélin

Dresses by Les petites, in silk. I really like them! Preferably lady like, with a lavaliere bow. Even if one has a definite feminist slant, likes wearing jeans and speaking like a truck driver, it’s the theorem of «Archimodes »: any body dipped in a dress comes out sublimed…


A bag "with a twist"

louis vuitton twist


In terms of bags: the Twist by Louis Vuitton. Because the L and V rotating clasp is a very clever and super chic idea to show off during a party.

Read a book by Michel houellebecq

To get through a heart break and find a worse case than yours: Always bring with you on holiday, "Whatever" by Michel Houellebecq that helps deal with "being ditched" while understanding that seduction is a market like any other. And the remembrance of things past. For improved self-esteem. And to discourage imbeciles.

A mont-blanc pastry at Angelina

mont-blanc pastry by Angelina

© Angelina

With the hot chocolate that goes with it!

After that you can die and go to heaven in a room at the Park Hyatt. Choose one with a 4-meter-high ceiling, hoping you will not have to look at it …

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High heels to feel on the top of the world

Maison Ernest high heels

© Maison Ernest

To be bought from Ernest in Pigalle, the cult boutique for those who enjoy wearing heels. Because over there, the arch of a sandal is very important and buyers run the gamut from very polite old gents shopping for their companions to outrageously sexy young ladies. A spectacle in itself…

To sustain French manufacturing, also think of Free Lance that knows how to make the difference by offering both comfort and solidity.

Also don’t miss the deluxe handmade shoes from Delage, at Palais Royal, suppliers of Catherine Deneuve (that’s my starlet kink, I can't help it).

Relaxing comfort food

Brasserie Lazare, for the wonderful comfort food of Eric Frechon. It’s the ideal pit stop, any hour of the day and for all occasions: a real heart throb.

I also go sip an afterwork tea at Kooka Boora in the 9th, at the corner of avenue Trudaine, smack in boboland, when I feel like amusing myself at counting bearded guys wearing colored trousers...


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