Do you speak bobo?

Parlez Vous Bobo Legrand

Bourgeois Bohème. But what is really hiding behind this neologism invented in 2000 by an American journalist?

While most people know what the word bobo refers to, impossible to give its definition. Thomas Legrand, king of bobos and editorialise every morning on France Inter, has put together a lexicon in the Que sais-je ? collection: Les 100 mots des bobos,  that explore the vocabulary of bobos for a better understanding of the boboïtude perimeters. The result is hilarious.

A very funny self-critic

In this small advocacy filled with humour, Thomas Legrand really goes all out and  doesnot spare his co-bobos, who glorify “small producers”, drink natural wine, live in a former factory in Montreuil, but don’t hesitate to find ways to avoid local school  rules and place theirn’hésitent offspring in small private school without  elitism “fulfilling teaching methods”. Mmmmh...

Parisiennes are sure to recognize themselves

B as in Blurring. This trend to erase the frontier between professional life and private life, answering emails during the weekend booking TGV tickets from the office. Do you feel targeted ?

M as in Monoprix. “Bobos don't like shopping in large stores. But “Monop is different…”

N as in Nutella. “The big issue of bobos parents. Even though they have learned to read the  labels to avoid additives and preservatives, knowing that palm oil is bad and that Nutella contains more than 50 % of sugar, they just cannot give it up.”

T as in Tribe.The family life of bobos is just as creative as the professional one. They get married (when they decide to get married) several times. And in France, nearly one wedding out of two ends with a divorce, bobos don’t hesitate to divorce several times.”

You thought the bobo wave had not reached you ?

You refuse to be associated with this tribe sometimes judged exasperating or caricatural ? Not all all. Because even if you hate Anne Hidalgo (who was attributed two pages in this book), the closing of the Seine embankments and the vegan obsession, you are quickly going to discover that despite everything you have been affected by boboitude…And it’s quite amusing.

The proof ? “Bistronomy” has invaded upscale districts, and if you have the Fooding app, You prefer “small producers to leading brands, you are reassured by the fact your kids eat organic goods … You might just be a tad bobo. And it’s not that bad, no?

Les 100 mots des bobos, par Thomas Legrand et Laure Watrin. €9 published by Que Sais-je ?

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