Diane Ducasse

Diane Ducasse

Claim to fame / her ADN: ex Lanvin, Marc Jacobs and Michel Vivien, Diane Ducasse draws her inspiration directly from the British masculine style of the 30s in the vein of Peaky Blinders, halfway between the wardobe of a British Lord anglais and the spirit of the channel Hunting and Finishing —as she describes it herself.

Her iconic piece: the double breasted suit in wool or corduroy.

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Why Parisiennes adore her: The no fuss made in Paris creations of Diane Ducasse are straight to the point. Her showy pieces are designed in superb Itlalian of English high-end materials (wool, linen, cotton). Or the art of being feminine while covered up.

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3 questions to Diane Ducasse…

The 3 adjectives that define your brand: timeless and I hope that for the rest there is a series of contrasts: chic/relaxed, masculine/feminine, nonchalant/sophisticated, Parisian, but appealing to all…

The Parisienne who inspires you : Inès de la Fressange, with whom I work in parallel on her collaborations and licences. I also like the style of Aymeline Valade, and I am more generally inspired by everything around me. It is not necessarily a person or an attitude, but an ensemble of things: prints, volumes, colours that are assembled, overlapping…

Your uniform: pants with shirts and a coat dress tied on top, with derbies and a small shoulder strap bag—always the same


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