Esther & Paul: the gallery that will reconcile you with art

Decoration of the Esther Et Paul gallery with colorful paintings on the walls

A work of art at the price of an IKEA poster? It’s happening in the 11th, a skip and a hop from metro Voltaire, where the young nomad gallery Esther & Paul has settled down its crates for the next few weeks.
Exit aseptic art galleries, too pretentious and quiet. Aiming to make art fun, affordable and dynamic that Esther & Paul was born. Nobody will ask you to borrow money over three generations— the works presented by Esther are accessible, even for mini budgets. Phew!

Works starting at €95

Having passed the turquoise window-display, prettily decorated with punchlines, “sick and tired of IKEA posters ?!”, one arrives in very friendly and warm space. Playlist from the 2 000, relaxed ambiance, lots of colourful paintings accumulated on the walls with prices between € 95 and 550 €... Not at all intimidating.

This pop-up is super eclectic et we adore! They features vintage as well as contemporary pieces, as the handsome pastel photos of Francesco Vinci (€150), the ultra poetic lithography of Bettina Sultan as a unique copy (€290), the small water-colours of H. Krief (€220), acrylics by Faustine Badrichani (€350), and the charcoal nudes G. Zuidor (€290)—all very beautiful.

Passion for the oil on a recycled stool, “Le Luxembourg sous la neige”, by textile designer Florence Pénicaud (€290).

A 2.0 gallery-vintage shop

While it’s advised to come see for yourself, first of all to enjoy the beauty of the site, but also to have a better visualization of the paintings in the space, Esther & Paul stand out with   high-end e-shop and a terrific graphic chart with an illu’ made by Esther herself, bravo!

The design touch: the place is furnished with nice vintage pieces from the General Store and happily for us with reasonable price tags: wicker armchair from the 70s at €200, a buffet for €650 or an ultra vintage Scandinavian chair at €130. And deluxe touch, delivery is free.

And what if art were the new decoration trend?

Esther & Paul, ephemeral pop-up Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30am to 7:30pm until mid-April

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