The Jeu de Paume focuses on billions of images!

 Expo Supermarche Des Images at the Paris Jeu de Paume Museum

Much more than a simple exhibition, the Jeu de Paume is unveiling an immersive and multi-disciplinary experience, dedicated to the hyper production of images, inspired by the works of philosopher Peter Szendy, who highlighted the circulation and general merchandising of images in his essay “Le supermarché du visible.” Here is a very up-to-date subject we would like to tackle from close up… !

“Iconomy” seen by a collective of artists

 Work Since You Were Born by Evan Roth which covers the jeu de paume hall in Paris

On the programme: A frenetic plunge into the economy of images: Were you aware that three billion images circulate every day on the social networks? This exhibition explores the making of this huge market and questions the future of visibility in the era of globalized iconomy. We adore the power of the works by the collective of 48 artists, who confront our outlook on the sensitive subjects of our society: “The right to forget on internet”, “the protection of our data”, “The saturation of images”…To be discovered as soon as possible: works from Vasarely to Malévitch, including Maurizio Cattelan or Ana Vitória Mussi, with a conceptual installation, conceived with the negatives of photographs—our cultural heart-throb!

A knock-out exhibition focusing on images

It’s the stunning exhibition for the beginning of the year, the Jeu de Paume (associated with La Manufacture Jaeger Le Coultre) is definitely a unique venue of convergence. The surprising disruptive scenography of the “Supermarket of images” has invaded the building and perfectly illustrates the pandemic scope of “iconomy” in our society.

From the 11th of February to the 7th of June 2020

1 Place de la Concorde, 75008 – M° Concorde (LINE 1)

Tuesday to Sunday. 11am-7pm, on Tuesday until 9pm

Rate: €10 - Reduced rate: €7.50

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Where to find it?

Jeu de Paume

1, place de la Concorde

75008 Paris

01 47 03 12 50

Concorde Concorde

Concorde Concorde

Concorde Concorde

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