Fake News: the exhibition that deciphers a real social phenomenon at the EDF Foundation

Fake News

Hillary Clinton embroiled in child trafficking via the #Pizzagate. Autism transmitted by vaccines . The coronavirus created voluntarily by scientists, and even carried by 5G . Did you believe it, even for half a second? It's normal. With the flow of information received per second, the brain begins to struggle to sort it out.

This is the more useful theme than ever for the Fake News: Art, Fiction, Mensonge exhibition, which is currently being held at the EDF Group Foundation . Its goal ? Invite us to take a reasoned step back from information. And that's not luxury!

A fun but informative exhibition

Artists, academics, sociologists and information science specialists were called upon to deliver their educational approach, under the curation, among others, of Laurent Bigot , director of the Tours school of journalism and designed with CLEMI , a very serious center for media and information education.

But nothing razor-sharp on the horizon, quite the contrary: the works and video testimonials are fun and often immersive, such as the karaoke room by Filipe Vilas-Boas who revisits Serge Gainsbourg's hit version Le poinçonneur de the AI , the New York Times hoax by the Yes Men in 2008, distributed to a million copies, the fake truths printer of Tsila Hassine and Carmel Barnea Brezner Jonas or the Twitter birds of the French artist still locked in cages and playing on the intellectual passivity and credulity of social network addicts with their #wtf tweets: “ Flash info: an empty water bottle would have been found at Gérard Depardieu #dryjanuary ”, “ Emmanuel Macron suggests to replace retirement with a Leetchi pot ”,“ Cinema: the graphic designer forgets the U on the poster of the new Superman and creates scandal in Hollywood ”...

A well-oiled mechanism

To convey an infox , nothing could be simpler: it suffices to modify one reality and make believe in another. This is what Alain Josseau shows in the installation at the opening of the exhibition: a camera filming a model of a building projected by inlay in a bombed-out city thanks to the famous 255 green background, or Karl Handel and his ultra-modern drawing. a realist whose pieces were simply cut to distort its truth.

Easy too: make anyone say whatever you want by simply changing the voice in a video, as Bill Posters and Daniel Howe prove in their Big Dada deepfake which tweaks the lyrics of Kim K , Trump and Zuckerberg . The figures are staggering: for his second work, encoreunestp has put in place a terrifying algorithm showing that every second circulates on the Internet 5.2 false information yet VERIFIED ... It hurts.

For further...

Sociologist specializing in belief phenomena, Gérald Bronner has just published his fascinating essay Cognitive Apocalypse (PUF) in which he explains the epidemic of credulity by the explosion of available brain time and by a deregulation of the information market. Informative and necessary.

Until January 30, 2022 at the EDF Foundation Space, free entry or by reservation

EDF Group Foundation

6, rue Récamier - 75007 Paris

M ° Sèvres-Babylone


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